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When you’re looking for a small, reliable pickup for getting around Pensacola, a pre-owned Dodge Dakota is a smart choice! Not only is it a durable pickup in a practical size, it’s one of the more popular models we receive at Eddie Mercer Automotive — that means there’s almost always one in stock. Visit our showroom to see our inventory of Dakota models and other compact pickup trucks, and take your test drive today!

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Dodge Dakota at Eddie Mercer Automotive: Model History

The best-selling versions of Dodge Dakota are those made in the second generation, built from 1996-2004. You can find two- or four-door versions of this generation, with I4, V6 and V8 engines to choose from. Give us a call or browse our online inventory to see what body styles and engines we have in our inventory today. Or, consider the third and final generation of Dodge Dakota, built from 2005-2011. This generation’s wheelbase is a full 20” longer, so it’s noticeably bigger, and comes in a two-row cab configuration. It’s also comes with a V6 or V8 engine. These models feature plenty of modern convenience upgrades over the second generation, however there is not as many available, and certain options packages and colors can be difficult to find.

Dodge Dakota at Eddie Mercer Automotive: Technology and Connectivity

The Dodge Dakota hails from a time when a truck was designed to be a truck, so it doesn’t have the complicated electronics and infotainment systmes found in many of today’s trucks. Unless an aftermarket solution was installed, the Dakota trucks were equipped with basic audio features like AM/FM radio, CD players and SiriusXM® satellite radio. On some of the newest Dakota models, you can find voice-activated navigation and steering wheel audio controls.

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Dodge Dakota models interior styling

Dodge Dakota at Eddie Mercer Automotive: Safety

The second-generation Dodge Dakota models came with the basic safety features we’ve come to expect like airbags and antilock brakes, and the third generation versions improved improved upon the safety even further. From 2005 onward, every Dodge Dakota Crew Cab earned a best-possible “good” rating from the IIHS in important safety tests.

Dodge Dakota at Eddie Mercer Automotive: Performance

Not only are there a multitude of engine types available on the Dodge Dakota, so you can choose just how much power you need, the Dakota offered the best towing capacity in its class when it was new. Towing capabilities will vary depending on the model. However, no compact pickup in 2005 was able to tow as much as a properly equipped 2005 Dodge Dakota. That model year had a maximum towing capacity of 6,650 pounds.

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